P4C brings diverse players together to learn from each other and to explore new strategies for partnership. Together, we can achieve more! P4C represents a collaboration of international development, corporate social responsibility (CSR), social entrepreneurship and responsible investment young professionals seeking to improve sustainable development outcomes through smarter, more innovative, more effective public-private partnerships (PPPs). Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), governments and private enterprise all have their own agendas and strategies for addressing sustainability challenges, but the fact is: we are stronger together!


Worldwide sustainable development will not be achieved without legitimate commitment from the private sector because it is clear that the charity model is not a sustainable solution. Great opportunities exist for the private sector, governments, and international and local development organisations to generate shared value and achieve common goals through targeted cooperation. We seek to be a catalyst for realising these opportunities.


Organising team:


Andrea Bolhuis - Chair




Specialist Product Sustainability at Ahold







Rahel Boon - Partnership manager




Owner at RBD Consultancy





Niels van Muijden - Sponsoring




CSR Project Coordinator at Infostrada Sports








Rebecca Sampson - Communication & Treasurer




Active Ownership Specialist at SNS Asset Management









Lieke Willemsen - Communication & PR




Programme maker public debates at LUX Nijmegen








Jessica Tangelder - Case manager




Social entrepreneur, Lecturer Product Development at Nyenrode New Business School









Bethel Tsegaye - Communication & PR




Communications Manager at Artists for Charity










Because we are stronger together



Have you ever thought that you or your company could do more to contribute to a just and sustainable world? Have you ever wished that your non-profit organisation had more 'business sense' when it came to tackling the world's greatest challenges? Then join us to collaborate with young professionals from private, public and social organisations across the Netherlands to learn from each other's experiences and create better solutions.


P4C (Partners4Change) was founded in 2011 by young professionals (YPs) keen on addressing global sustainability challenges through multi-sector partnerships. To this end, we host strategic events to empower YPs from all sectors with the tools needed to be more effective sustainability leaders and change-makers. 

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Why focus on young professionals?



As a whole, young professionals today are more informed than previous generations about global poverty, injustice and environmental degradation. Because globalisation has shaped our world view, we see clearly how the choices we make here in the Netherlands can affect the lives of others throughout the world. As consumers and in our careers, we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. With our money, time and talents, we want to support organisations that are as committed to a just and sustainable world as we are. And they are taking notice.


As the current change-makers and future leaders, young professionals are key to the growth and sustainability of the organisations they work for. For-profit and non-profit organisations alike are always looking to attract talented employees who can contribute to growth and innovation, and more and more, the most talented recruits say that an organisationís ethical and sustainability performance is key to their decision to work there. As young professionals, we can make a difference in how companies behave and how non-profits are managed. Our initiative is all about empowering ourselves and others with the tools to be more effective change-agents.






Private sector

The private sector is challenged by the expectation from both consumers and (non)governmental organisations that they be socially and environmentally responsible in their policies, decisions, and actions. Furthermore, companies see sustainability as a key component of their license to operate. As a result, many companies are striving to become more socially and environmentally responsible in their operations, finding a balance between making a profit, satisfying customers, and contributing to social well-beingAt the same time, many companies are continuously looking for opportunities to enter emerging markets, where social and environmental laws are often weak or not enforced. While some companies continue to enter emerging markets to exploit these lax regulations, responsible companies face the added challenge of testing their sustainability policies at the farthest reaches of their supply chains. 



Decades of international development efforts have proven mostly ineffective at addressing the roots of global poverty, and both internal and external critics agree that new, more innovative strategies and solutions are needed. Charity fills a valuable role in times of crisis, but is no longer seen as a valid long-term solution. Besides the fact that donations and other aid funds are subject to political whims (as we are seeing now in the Netherlands and abroad), we want to empower the global poor to be the owners of their own success. A key challenge for the non-profit sector is how best to transition away from the charity model towards a capacity-building role. 








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